Role of geo locality in shaping Pakistan’s foreign policy

Written By: Abdul Samad Geo strategic location is an ever changing dynamic objective of International relations. In a particular geo strategic locality the national power determinants are thought to be constant and this determinant has a very crucial role in shaping foreign policy of any state. Pakistan is one of the major geopolitically and geo […]

The Pakistan, India and China : A dramatic triangle in South Asia

Written By :Munazza Khan Without considering the triangle dynamics that shape these exchanges, a comprehension of the security environment in Southern Asia is lacking. Understanding the India-Pakistan-China triangle and how the strategic chain, including the United States, affects it is essential to comprehending regional dynamics. With recurrent military clashes between India and China at the […]

The apprehension of Pakistan between the United States and China’s antagonistic diplomacy, as a geopolitical football

Written By :Maryam Anwar The recent massive floods in Pakistan have highlighted Pakistan’s relations with the United States and the People’s Republic Of China. As the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recommended that Pakistani foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari appeal to China to do more regarding the facilitation of Pakistan’s debt relief and reconstruction […]

Abolishing vintage Foreign policy (No More geopolitical football):

Written By : NUZHAT TARIQ USMAN As a child I always heard that we are the exporters of football for Fifa world cup. Ironically, people around us used to be super proud of it but never ever enlist and make it to as an international football team. Well, that’s was all about harsh realities and […]

Problems confronted to Pakistan concerning its overseas coverage; (There are more problems than solutions, there is need for awareness)

Written By : Ifra Iqbal Khan Pakistan’s foreign policy has been converting over the years. These aren’t pretty much any individual country but all nations preserve changing their foreign policy in step with the state of affairs and members of the family. As Pakistan’s overseas policy changed within the nineties, it is barely one of […]