Abolishing vintage Foreign policy (No More geopolitical football):


As a child I always heard that we are the exporters of football for Fifa world cup. Ironically, people around us used to be super proud of it but never ever enlist and make it to as an international football team. Well, that’s was all about harsh realities and inferiority regarding sports. But dramatically we have been the geopolitical football for many giant international players for driving their own desperate agendas in geopolitical matches or marathon. And had have been crushed our own identity and integrity. We have been the most infamous pawn on geopolitical chessboard. It is really hard to distinguish whether we are extremely naïve or have been trapped in our own created manipulative tactical web.

At the end of September, during an interview regarding foreign policy, Pakistan’s foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari commented on a counter question that Pakistan is not going to play as a geopolitical football but rather will act as bridge between China and USA. Interviewer was trying to instigate by doing comparison of financial assistance provided by both rival countries for Pakistan’s climate catastrophe. Incumbent foreign minister sensibly managed the question with a concrete answer which afterwards applauded by many political pundit. But in neutral means through analytical binoculars, we as an observer can witnessed that some delicate balance measures are evolving in Pakistan’s foreign policy. Forthcoming measures in abolishing Pakistan’s vintage diplomacy is quite perplexed.

Whether predicaments for Pakistan or 180 degree Evaluative turn for concrete and pivotal foreign policy.

In retrospect, Pakistan’s status have always been of geopolitical football. Pakistan has always been in a dire need of patronage. In early years after independence, we immediately grab the seat in SEATO and CENTO during cold war, with out making the cost benefit calculation on our geostrategic vitality. Marginalized ourselves with the western bloc ( USA camp) of iron curtain. But never get any consolidate support from Uncle Sam in compelling situation. Instead of being the most allied ally of USA, Pakistan always failed to gain their confidence. Ayub Khan once said that” we know how to live peacefully among lions by setting one against other”. But in the eyes of USA we don’t have a lion’s status but a petty need based beggar and back stabber. With out being a part of any political bloc and a pioneer of non-alignment movement, India has always enjoyed unconditional support from USA. Pakistan has well articulated this back stabbing mantra from it’s most allied ally. But all that total dilemmatic experiences never made Pakistan to learn from it’s worst. Just for dictator’s comfort Pakistan has lost its geostrategic credibility. While the propagator of democracy always supported military rule. Because it is easier in military rule to drive their maneuvering agendas. According to their philosophy, Pakistani dictators are good not bad. Their obedience as a major lieutenant to USA halt the emergence of democracy in Pakistan. Sabotaged the civilian democratic rule in Pakistan. This clientlistic need based arrangement never made Pakistan a pivotal and determinant state.

That could be a reason behind giant loophole in foreign stature of Pakistan. In late 70s, again Pakistan became most reliable ally to USA during Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. How Pakistan was playing a covert role in sprinkling instability in Afghanistan. The Mujahideen factor brought many uninvited refugees in Pakistan and weaponized many jihad warriors. But when they came back, they brought instability and militancy in Pakistan’s soil and then the state indulge into cleansing of self created mess. One can weaponized the civilians, it is possible. But deweaponization is beyond impossibility. War on terror also made our policies too fickle, which put us constantly on apprehensive position. But that Ad hoc policies and short term objectives made us to pay long term prices and suffered retribution. We have ingrained this inaccuracy due to unnecessary paranoia of security threat. Undoubtedly, the list of clientlistic position of Pakistan have poured so much that a single article is not enough for it. Even after several rapprochements America never agreed on our nuclear plan. They brutally sanctioned us many times which actually plagued our economy. For instance, through Pressler amendment or Symington amendment. We heart fully must congratulate and admire Uncle Sam for making us a drowning and dependent state. I am sure that witty appraisal is testifying the devastating status quo of Pakistan.

Embedding self reliance in every aspects of state’s strategy is a key way to be no more geopolitical football.

After war on terror, Pakistan’s significance was on dormant phase. But after USA withdrawal from Afghanistan, some thing notorious is being planned by USA. Well, that quiet fishy situation is getting evident after skirmishes between China, Taiwan and USA as Taiwan aid. This triangular cold confrontation is again plotting a trap for Pakistan to again become most allied ally for Uncle Sam. For a decade, both countries relations were in cold phase. Mr. former PM made things more worst after cablegate scandal. Even the PDM failed to manage the harsh and chaotic links. But now America main concern is to instigate China over Taiwan. In that way it want to use Pakistan geostrategic space to deter China. Pakistan is an absolute alternate for China to revive trade through Gwadar port, if America and it’s allies are going to ban Malacca strait for China. But Pakistan after ages is now more loyal towards it’s all weather friend. Lest if it forget the past experiences, then again it is going to be victimized by America’s narcissistic and power obsessed disorder. As Biden recent remarks is an enraged action over Pakistan neutrality over International turmoil. Well, Pakistan needs 360 degree comprehensive understanding that America just want to drive that they are the whole sole policeman of the world. The only way to delicate balance in foreign policy is to economically, politically and diplomatically independent. Self reliance is the only magic ingredient to gain credibility and supremacy in International Arena.

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